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Asbestos Lawsuit: Pennsylvania School Employees Sue School District

schools file an asbestos lawsuit

This week a group of Pennsylvania school employees filed an asbestos lawsuit against the Scranton school district. Both current and former employees claim school district officials withheld information of lead and asbestos tests from 2016. Asbestos is carcinogenic mineral fibers found naturally in the earth, which were mined and widely used during the twentieth century. The results recorded dangerous levels of lead and asbestos present in 15 out of 19 district schools.

Lead Contamination and Asbestos Test Results Withheld For Years 

Only until last month did the district announce that elevated levels of lead and asbestos existed throughout most of the school buildings. According to officials, 38 water fountains, including sinks, were found with high concentrations of lead. Also, a district school, the North Intermediate School was shut down within the last week so professional crews could remove asbestos from the building. Such negligence can lead to an asbestos lawsuit.

Today, building owners, companies, and school systems are held accountable for knowing about possible contamination or asbestos locations within their structures. Safety guidelines are also set aside by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to safeguard school workers and student’s health.

Legal Counsel in Asbestos Lawsuit Advises Clients To Get Chest X-Rays

The defendants named in the case are the Scranton Pennsylvania School District, two school board members, and thirteen former school board members. Currently, the Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky law firm, will represent the plaintiffs and advise clients to obtain chest x-rays and CTC scans if they are concerned.

Plaintiffs Request Medical Monitoring Assistance

Meanwhile, parents of district students in the asbestos lawsuit feel that school officials had a duty to warn staff and the public about possible dangers that they knew existed in those school buildings. “Harmful effects from asbestos exposure may not develop until years later, according to attorney Patrick Howard.”  Counsel for the plaintiff also stated, “that the student and workers should not have to reach into their pocket for even a dollar to pay for health care costs related to this.” In the asbestos lawsuit, the plaintiffs are requesting a medical monitoring assistance program, undisclosed damages, and class action lawsuit status.

Asbestos Exposure Effects Can Be Delayed For Years

Asbestos becomes harmful when the material breaks apart, and the fibers or dust become airborne. When people are around airborne asbestos, the air they inhale containing those fibers can cause breathing problems, lung disease, and cancer. Cases of mesothelioma cancer have been known not to develop for thirty or forty years, even after the initial exposure took place. If you or a loved one are possibly suffering from damaging effects due to past asbestos exposure, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced asbestos or mesothelioma attorney.

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