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Getting Financial Compensation for Mesothelioma Patients is Now Easier

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When a patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma, one of the first questions that are asked is, “Were you exposed to asbestos?” This is actually a determinant of whether there will be any financial compensation for the mesothelioma patient.

A physician may be called upon to apportion the contribution of an asbestos-containing product or facility where there was asbestos exposure in the development of that individual’s mesothelioma.

Essentially, the physician is one of the few people who can actually make this determination.

What Determines Whether or Not Mesothelioma Patients Get Financial Compensation

This determination may depend on any of the following factors:

• how much exposure the patient had to mesothelioma-causing fibers

• the potency of the asbestos-containing products to cause mesothelioma

• how long ago the exposures to asbestos were, compared to when the mesothelioma was diagnosed

The reason why it’s important to decide on the amount of the contribution of asbestos to the diagnosis of mesothelioma is that mesothelioma patients can get financial compensation if they have been exposed to asbestos through no fault of their own. And as you can imagine, he and his family will benefit greatly from additional funds, as his doctor visits increase throughout time.

But how does the doctor calculate this apportionment value? Is there a formula or some sort of algorithm for it? Actually, there are very few software programs provided through peer-reviewed medical journals.

Things besides Asbestos that are Known to Cause Mesothelioma

People under the age of 50 who are unlikely to have been exposed to much asbestos in a work or household contact situation get mesothelioma at a rate of only about 1 per million.

If someone has chronic inflammation such as from tuberculosis, radiation treatment for cancer, Simian-40 virus exposure, and living in an area in either Turkey or the United States where erionite from volcanic tuffs is present, all these are other reasons for someone developing mesothelioma without having any exposure to asbestos. In such cases, there may still be a chance for financial compensation for the mesothelioma patient.

But when there is asbestos occupational exposure, the incidence rate in men is 83.2%, according to a French study. The estimates now are that about 80% of mesotheliomas in men and 40% in women are associated with occupational exposure to asbestos.

Determining the mesothelioma potential or risk of any product or time period of exposure is not simply a matter of relative exposure dose. It’s a complex computation of all exposures, the concentration of asbestos during each exposure, and how potent the asbestos fibers are. Fibers longer than 10 microns and thinner than 0.4 microns, for example, were considered pathogenic.

Software Available for Physicians to Determine Apportionment

Now, there’s a fully functional, downloadable software that can be utilized by a Windows computer. With this software, you can calculate the contribution of any product or time period of exposure to the mesothelioma.

Here’s the link to find it:

Go to the folder called “MesoContribution”.

You’ll have to install Microsoft runtime Access® before you start the software. Here’s the link to get this program:

Check the link below in the Reference section for more specifics of running the software. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos and are entitled to financial compensation, please consult an experienced mesothelioma lawyer.

Reference: Ross, Robert M. Software for apportionment of asbestos-related mesotheliomas. Canadian Respiratory Journal 2016; 2016:5340676.!po=45.6522

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