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Corkscrew Robots in the Battle Against Mesothelioma Cells

mesothelioma cells and corkscrew robots

The field of nanotechnology is quickly gaining steam as diminutive computers become that much more intricate and effective at traversing through and treating the human body.  These technological advances have paved the way for small corkscrew robots to combat mesothelioma cells.  It is quite possible mesothelioma patients will soon be successfully treated with these miniature corkscrew robots, ultimately improving their health and possibly empowering them to live the remainder of life cancer-free.

Miniature Corkscrew Robots Take Aim at Mesothelioma Cells

As mesothelioma patients and doctors know, the majority of conventional treatments for this form of cancer have not proven successful.  At the moment, numerous drugs are being tested to determine their efficacy in thwarting mesothelioma cells.  However, no treatment modality has emerged from the pack.  Thankfully, hardworking researchers and tech geeks have created tiny corkscrew robots that have the potential to destroy mesothelioma cells within the human body.  While these cells have proven resistant to other forms of treatment, they might not be able to combat the direct use of diminutive corkscrew robots, specifically designed to eradicate cancer cells from the body. 

Microrobots Might be an Improvement Over Chemotherapy

Scientists and robotic engineers went to the extent of creating these tiny mesothelioma cell-destroyers as the sole chemotherapy treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the disease. This spurred somewhat disappointing results.  In fact, this chemotherapy treatment resulted in a litany of harsh side effects while only slightly extending patient survival times.  If this new approach to mesothelioma treatment is successful, it will facilitate the potency of mesothelioma drugs, possibly defeating the disease altogether. 

A Closer Look at the Corkscrew Microrobot in Action

The corkscrew microrobot drills directly into the malignant mesothelioma cells.  Once the drilling occurs, the microrobot holds the cells in place and administers the toxic load.  The hope is this load destroys the cells, eliminating mesothelioma from the body.  This unique treatment approach was created by Korean researchers at the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology.  These researchers sought a means of achieving the efficacy of cancer-destroying drugs within the lab setting with the hope of eventually applying it to actual patients suffering from mesothelioma. 

Why Lab Results do not Always Transfer Over to Actual Patients

It is quite interesting that some mesothelioma treatment drugs are successful in labs yet do not make the same impact on patients upon delivery.  The scientific community believes the body’s blood and the movement of other fluids within the body might mitigate the impact of the drugs, washing them away before they can make their intended impact. 

The use of microrobots to directly deliver the cancer-killing medication is a savvy means of bypassing this natural activity within the human body.  These miniature robots replicate the actions of viruses and even some subaquatic vehicles by pinpointing the targets and latching directly onto them for an unimpeded injection of the cancer-killing drug.

Systematic Treatment Vs. Targeted Treatment

The targeted approach detailed above is different from the systematic delivery of chemotherapy drugs throughout the entirety of the patient’s body.  Instead of hoping such drugs move through the system to reach the mesothelioma cells, the microrobot corkscrews directly target cancer cells for optimal impact.  This way, the toxic material is not transmitted to healthy cells within the body. 

The Korean researchers creatively shaped the miniature robots similar to corkscrews with miniature needles along their ends.  These microrobots are equipped with the mesothelioma drugs and guided by way of magnets directly to the mesothelioma cancer cells.  When the corkscrew microrobot reaches the malignant cell tumor, it drills downward into that cell, remaining there until the medicine is applied. 

Testing on Mesothelioma Patients is Soon to Commence

Though the microrobot corkscrew technology has not yet been tested on mesothelioma patients, it is only a matter of time until these patients are provided with the new drug delivery method.  Thankfully, the corkscrew microrobots have successfully treated colorectal cancer cells within laboratory settings. 

The Korean scientists responsible for the creation of this technology anticipate the microrobots will also successfully treat mesothelioma cancer cells in a mere seven seconds from the activation of the targeting system.  It is quite possible mesothelioma patients across the globe as well as other individuals saddled by different types of cancer will receive considerable benefit from these amazing new miniature corkscrew-shaped robots. 

The only question is how long it will take the Korean research team to prove the efficacy of this new treatment modality and eventually bring it to market.  As long as the miniature robots prove effective and safe in trials, it is likely ample funding will be available to hopefully bring this treatment modality to mesothelioma patients within a few years or less.  Stay tuned.  If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another form of cancer, the microrobots detailed above should provide you with plenty of hope for a brighter future.

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