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Spain’s Testing of ONCOS-102 Shows Improvement

ONCOS-102 Vaccine

Spanish scientists are proud to announce meaningful improvements in mesothelioma patient treatment after preliminary testing of the drug known as ONCOS-102.  This emerging first-line treatment was provided to mesothelioma sufferers at 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid, Spain.  The lead scientist of the study, Luis G. Paz-Ares, also serves as the chair of the Medial Oncology department at the hospital.  Though the study results are still considered preliminary, they give meaningful hope to those battling mesothelioma.

Progress on the Drug Front for Mesothelioma Patients

As mesothelioma patients know, we do not yet have a cure for this deadly form of cancer.  However, studies like those detailed above are making meaningful progression in the effort to help mesothelioma patients survive this disease and live a fulfilling life.  The forementioned study revolved around the combination of ONCOS-102 treatment along with a conventional cisplatin/pemetrexed chemotherapy typically provided to mesothelioma patients.  The researchers responsible for the study compared the results from a group of mesothelioma patients provided with chemotherapy in unison with ONCOS-102 treatment versus a group merely provided with chemotherapy. 

The results show those provided with the combination of treatments enjoyed progression-free survival within a span of nine months.  The conclusion of the study is that progression-free survival is probably the initial indicator of the treatment’s clinical effectiveness.  The treatment is best described as a factor coding adenovirus that is immune priming and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulative. 

Aside from the treatment’s efficacy for progression-free living, the scientists behind the study are also quite content with the immune activation enjoyed by those provided with the protocol.  The study clearly shows ONCOS-102 is effective and has a sufficient safety profile.  The treatment was provided to those with an unresectable, advanced form of malignant pleural mesothelioma.  The primary goal was to provide these patients with first line treatment yet all patients were allowed to join the study regardless of their unique position on the mesothelioma timeline. 

Additional Details About the Study

This exploratory study analyzed more than 30 patients in multiple medical centers throughout Spain and France.  The study included nearly two dozen patients provided with the experimental therapy, some of whom had an advanced stage of mesothelioma.  The vast majority of those provided with the drug enjoyed a boost in PD-L1 expression.  This is meaningful as PD-L1 is an important cell surface protein.  

What the Study Means

A Scandinavian pharmaceutical enterprise, Targovax, develops ONCOS-102.  The company will transition to a subsequent study of ONCOS-102 used in combination with Opdivo, Keytruda or another checkpoint inhibitor drug in addition to chemotherapy.  There is mounting evidence that checkpoint inhibitor drugs might work that much better when used in combination.  Thankfully, ONCOS-102 showed no side effects than would otherwise occur with regular chemotherapy.  Furthermore, the study analysis reveals a strong activation of the immune system after treatment.

In other words, the science community is all in on ONCOS-102 as a potential mesothelioma treatment thanks to its progression-free survival period of 8.4 months as opposed to the control group’s mere 6.8 month survival time.  Furthermore, those provided with this immunotherapy vaccine had a 90% control rate, which is a 7% improvement as compared to the control group.  It is quite possible ONCOS-102 will soon be used as an immunotherapy vaccine as a component of first-line mesothelioma treatment in the near future.   

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